You got questions? We got answers.

Do you sell to the public?

Yes, we sure do. We sell our commercial, truly concentrated cleaners that will not only save you money, but will clean better and are stronger in general. We also carry specialized products for circumstances where your average all purpose cleaner will fail.

Do you fix any and all brands of vacuums and janitorial / cleaning equipment?

Of course! We handle manufacture warranties on most brands as well. Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service reps are available to answer your questions, give us a call.

Do I need to make an appointment to bring my vacuum or equipment by?

Of course not! Just bring in your vacuum or equipment and we will get you serviced as soon as possible. In fact, if the services just requires a belt or it is clogged we will attempt to service it on the spot within a short period of time so you won't have the inconvenience of having to leave it and come back another time to pick it up.

Does the manufacture warranty cover all repairs?

No, unfortunately most warranties do not cover your vacuum being clogged, which can happen when someone vacuums up something wet or things can get stuck somewhere in the interior hoses. Another common item not covered are belts, as these are considered wear items that need to be replaced occasionally. Most manufactures have specific warranties on different parts of the equipment. Usually the breakdown of the parts warranty and time frame they are covered is located in the manual or online.

Do you carry other items?

Yes, please check out our catalog, you will find most of our items on it. Simply click on the part numbers to start a shopping cart. The items will be placed in a cart and when you're ready to submit your order, simply fill in your information. When you click submit the order will be emailed to us and one of our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives will process it, then contact you for payment or pickup, or discuss delivery options right away.

Got a question that's not answered here?

Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service reps are available to answer your questions, give us a call.